Mirror aluminum coil ( reflective aluminum sheet)

mirror surface aluminum sheet with silver or golden coating

Item No.: 007
mirror surface aluminum sheet with silver or golden coating

Features of high reflective aluminium sheet :



1.Thickness: 0.17mm-1.5mm

2.Popular grade :1060 1070 1080 1090 1100

3.Temper: H16 H18  H24  

4. Can coat silver & gold color according to customer's requirement.

5. Supply status: coils or sheets are valid.




 we has invested heavily in the introduction of a set of mirror aluminum rolling mill and advanced technology, aluminum mirror reflectivity of giant department production reached more than 95%, to achieve ultra mirror effect can be comparable with the standard, Germany, Italy imports of aluminum mirror, giant, also use their own advantages, through innovation, a full range of testing, the successful development of mirror aluminum oxidation protection coating, cleaner production processes, color more gorgeous, diversity.
If the use of our production of high reflection rate of aluminum mirror in the reflector, the iffect can be imagined.





Specification Of  Mirror Aluminium coil :



Surface finish
Surface treatment
Color mirror effect
PVDF coating, with good whether resistance and resist UV lights





Details Of Our Product:









Packing Details:


Following packing is for the aluminium coils:

Following is cutting and packing for aluminium sheet:




Reflecting cover of lamps in the use process, a reflector of light cannot be in working and living on the surface of the light reflection. The main use of the U type or spiral energy saving lamp, fluorescent lamp, street lamp, LED lamp, electrodeless lamp and so on. The shape of the reflector, which mainly refers to light reflection angle, determines the processing capacity of the light reflecting cover non direct light.



The main application of the reflective mirror aluminum material -- in lighting industry:

Grille lamp, street lamp, fluorescent lamp, tunnel lamp, lamp reflector lamps and other decoration materials.